Combining Grade Eight Classes Together for Lessons - By David Gladstone


In a senior school, Toronto, the subject teachers of math, science, history and literature integrated two classes of grade eight students in a large classroom holding some forty five students, with one teacher teaching a math lesson while the other teachers from the rotary subjects worked with students individually to assist them during the lesson. When the science teacher taught the science lesson the other teachers then helped the students individually. At times the class broke into groups with the teachers assisting them with their assignments. 

The students from both classes got to know each other very well and planned and worked together on projects. The advantage of the system was more cooperation between the students and the teachers. The lessons were well prepared and the teachers worked together to plan various lessons.

This effort changed the "chemistry" of the senior school. From isolated classes and lessons to integrated teaching and learning. Having more than one teacher in a classroom supporting another teacher's lesson contributed to improved lessons and teamwork. The students appreciated having more than one teacher to turn to for assistance.