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A Relationship-Based Approach to Student Well-Being and Achievement

By David Tranter PhD, Lori Carson & Tom Boland

The book, and accompanying Educator Strategy Guides, written by and for educators, examines student well-being and its relationship to achievement and later life success. It covers the challenges in promoting student well-being in an educational setting and outlines the rationale for a new way of approaching education: The Third Path. The book outlines the Relationship-Based Approach to education, and the eight Conditions that make up the Third Path -- the conditions that simultaneously support well-being and achievement. The book is available on its own, bundled with the Strategy Guides, or as a 5-pack set.



How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow

By Kelly Gallagher-Mackay & Nancy Steinhauer

In Pushing the Limits, Kelly Gallagher-Mackay and Nancy Steinhauer draw on their experiences as educational leaders to reveal that the schools of the future exist in the here and now. They introduce us to extraordinary Canadian public schools, deeply rooted in their communities, that are fostering innovators, nimble problem-solvers and engaged citizens, boosting math comprehension, cultivating creativity and using technology to broaden the parameters of learning. And they explore why the role of schools is expanding to nurture students’ social-emotional skills and growth mindsets, and how vital this broader definition of education is to children’s long-term health, happiness and success. This book provides a vision of what schooling can and should look like in our rapidly shifting world and explores how we—parents and teachers—can realize this vision together.

Shortlisted for the 2017/18 Donner Prize