The Relationship-Based Educator Network

The heart and soul of the Relationship-Based Education Centre is our network of passionate educators and advocates (check out our membership map below). We share the belief that relationships make the difference. We are committed to strengthening relationship at schools and within our communities.


The network provides its members the opportunity to collaborate. We know that great things are happening in schools all over the world, but all too often they go unrecognized. Great educators and dedicated advocates are often so focused on making a difference in the lives of young people that their work is not well known. We want to change that!

We want you to share your thoughts, let us in on your epiphanies, and tell us what you are doing in your classrooms and communities. Your ideas don’t have to be big. Sometimes the smallest ideas are the most powerful. But these ideas have to be passed on to others.

So, please share your idea with the network. Write a sentence, a paragraph, anything that captures your idea. And add a photo if you can. We’ll post in online under our Articles page and together we will build a collection of ground-up, grassroots, real-world relationship-based strategies!

Let’s help each other support all young people to succeed. Let’s work together to create a movement!

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